BVP Pvt. Ltd.

Our Journey



We started detergent trading business


We started Agarbatti trading business in Pan India


From 1987 to 2001 we have focused on market development and business channel partner creation


Started Agarbatti and dhoop marketing and Manufacturing with the brand name of Poojapaath and Denim Dhoop


Started detergent powder and cake manufacturing with the name of TIM 2000


With further expansion of detergent business started manufacturing of Tanman Detergent powder and cake. The same year we entered the edible salt market & started manufacturing & marketing of salt with the name Bhaskar salt.


For further expansion of edible salt category and bridging the market gap we have launched new salt with the brand name of Tanman salt.


In order to expand our detergent product line and meet the new market demand, we have launched premium detergent powder and cake with the name of Ajooba


For further expansion of our market, we have started the new category and launched Avig dishwash bar


Due to the high demand of Tanman detergent, we started central India’s largest state of art detergent manufacturing unit at Indore. We also launched a premium detergent named Ajooba Shiner.


For further expansion of dish wash category we have launched Avig dish wash gel.


Following our expansion policy and fulfilling the new market demand, we have launched India’s unique detergent with the brand name of FIT Detergent.