It is a matter of great distinction and pride that the brand of ‘Bhaskar Venkatesh Products Pvt Ltd is synonymous with the most desired product in cleaning, hygiene and cooking products of the households. Presently the business is lead by Mr Govind Goyal and is skillfully management by his two sons Akash Goyal and Venkatesh Goyal.


detergent powder

Our Vision

To become World’s most trusted company to it’s consumers by delivering the best quality products.

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Our Brands

We make some of the world’s best-known brands – all are on a journey to reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their positive social impact.

Bhaskar salt
Tan Man Salt
Belan flour
Tim 2000
Tim 2000
Safal Detergent
Tan Man Detergent
Fit Detergent
Tan Man Lajawab
Tan Man Super Plus
Ajooba Shiner
Avig Plus
Avig Plus

Our Story

BVPPL group has started the detergent trading business in the year 1984. BVPPL has grown and developed to be a promising brand. BVPPL group had spread its business into different products like in the year 1986 BVPPL group started its trading of agarbatti with Pan India. After which BVPPL group only focused on the marketing development and business channel partner creations till 2001.

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As a part of our extraordinary support, we also have the provision for providing products in bulk at an economical cost. Please feel free to contact us for such wholesale deals.

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